Six Bagatelles


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Instrumentation: piano solo
Duration: ca. 15 minutes in total
First performance: Eric Mayr, 14th october 2017, Heidenheim

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This is a collection of six small pieces for piano, each with its own distinct character and even musical language:

No. 1 (2’45) is a rather silly march, inspired by the shifting tonality of Sergei Prokofiev.
No. 2 (3’00) is a piece about searching: Several times the music returns to the starting point in order to discover new musical paths.
No. 3 (1’30) reconstructs Beethovens Bagatelle op. 126 no. 1, playing with different elements of the original while following its formal construction.
No. 4 (1’45) is all about trills and quick repetitions of small patterns.
No. 5 (2’00) creates strong contrasts in dynamics, speed and musical character.
No. 6 (4’00) is built around a disturbed chorale which gets interrupted by patterns of seemingly random note groups.